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what the heck is a toikey tenderloin? turkeys don't have backstraps (the muscles that line the backbone), so how can they have a loin?
I think it is a strip of the breast. It's shaped like a big pork tenderloin. They were on sale at the store yesterday & it looked good so I thought I'd give it a shot.
I made an apple crisp the other day. It needs work. I didn't have the right kind of apples, as I just made what my other half had laying around. Also, I was not terribly impressed with the crumble crust. It called for melted butter, whereas I normally do a creamed mixture. This recipe also called for 1/2 c of water to be poured over the apples, which would combine with a little flour and make the sauce. Next time, I'll probably use some apple juice instead of water.
I am about to try a liver pate for a dinner party next week. looks simple enough......and the reviews say it freezes well, so I'll double it and put half in the freezer and 'test' the other half on neighbors tonight!! If anyone has a tried and true recipe, please let me know, the one I'm going to use comes from Epicurious and the reviews are 4forks.
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