Beef Stew in a Pumpkin

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Barbara L

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Apr 4, 2004
Somewhere, US
Try baking your pumpkin (cut out a "lid" from the top first, which you also bake, and scoop out the seeds). Then fill it with your favorite beef stew. When you scoop out the stew, scrape some pumpkin out with it. It is great!

:) Barbara

P.S. You obviously can't do this with a Jack-o-lantern unless you want a huge mess!
I haver never heard of that Barbra...what a way to cook a pumkin! Every year we gather at both of the inlwas houses to do our pumkins, ,and every year, the mil makes the lie and I make the pumkin seeds! I love roasted pumkin seeds. This year we will be soking them in a stronger brine though for more salty effect. Last year we made cinnomin ones. They were pretty great too!

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