Best mold for chocolate?

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Nov 4, 2011
I'm going to try a recipe for white chocolate. What is the best kind of mold to use? I was at Michael's today and saw some thin plastic molds for $1.99 and silicone molds that were $7.99 and up. Can regular plastic ice cube trays work, or do I need to get something specifically for chocolate?
Plastic molds and silicone molds both work well. I have plastic molds in shapes for use at Christmas I've used for more than a dozen years. The trick I use is to always successfully remove the chocolate candies from the mold is first freezing them for a day. Many come loose of the mold naturally, but inverting over a kitchen towel and tapping lightly on the back of the mold removes the rest.
An ice cube tray might work, but in my opinion, would be boring.
Try hand painting frozen white chocolate with food coloring and tiny watercolor paint brush. Smiles will be your reward.
Thanks Selkie! Do you freeze the mold in advance of pouring in the chocolate?

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I don't freeze it in advance, but you could if you wanted to and see if it makes any difference when releasing. Let us know.

If the chocolate is properly tempered, any mold will work well. I mostly use the hard polycarbonate ones (hard plastic). Do not refrigerate the mold, this might cause condensation on the chocolate and cause blooming.
There are many molds are available in market and molds are made from food grade materials. Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds are good because it is easy to work with products and good finish on the chocolate.
Thanks everyone! Do you have a favorite polycarbonate mold that you use? I'm going to look on Amazon and see what they have.

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