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May 7, 2011
Hi Guys/Gals,

Got another question for you lovely people.

I was making a cake the other day, a lovely moist chocolate cake. I was thinking as I was making it in 2 small cake tins (or flan tins I think), do most recipes request 2 tins? Which ones do you make in one of the large tins, like the spring form ones?

Can you bake a normal cake in one and just for longer and check using the skewer test?

You can use any size pans (within reason) for a cake recipe. Recipes will usually tell you what size pan to use.

The caution is to adjust the cooking times and oven temps to accommodate the different sized pans.

My SO makes a cake mix in three 6" round cake pans. Then she cuts each layer in half horizontally and makes two small three-layer cakes. She usually makes and frosts one and freezes the other three half layers for later use.
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