Can anyone help me identify this dessert I got i Bari, Italy?

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Apr 20, 2023

I was recently i Bari, Italy, and at one shop (this one, if that helps), I bought a dessert that I didn't know the name of, there was no label or anything, and the seller just called it "dolce" (which is just "dessert" in Italian) when I pointed at it. So now I'm trying to find out what it was, because I'd really like to have that dessert again, which means I'll have to make it myself.

So, this is what the dessert was like. It was shaped as a flat-top cone, covered with a very thin layer of dark chocolat (and maybe some decorative stuff at the top). Inside the chocolate shell, there were two layers of some creamy stuff (white at the bottom, brown chocolate cream at the top). But it wasn't just whipped cream, it was stiffer, and it contained visible air bubbles (approx 1-2 millimeters in diameter, IIRC). I suppose it might have been stabilized with something, like gelatin, or maybe it was a creme patissiere (with eggs and starch). But as I said, it had very visible air bubbles, so it can't have been a regular creme patissiere (or can you make air bubbles in creme patissiere by whipping it?). On top of the chocolate cream, there were some smallish pieces of fruit, I think it was pear (cooked tender, not raw I think).

Does anyone recognize this dessert from this description, and can give me a name for this?
I didn’t feel comfortable clicking on the link but it sounds like it would come under the general heading of budino.

Budino is Italian pudding that can be elaborate or very simple.

Good luck!
Dolce is not dessert in Italian, it means sweet, you know, like la dolce vita (the sweet life).
You are thinking of the adjective. The shop keeper was using it as a noun.

From Wiktionary (


dolce (plural dolci, superlative dolcissimo)
  1. sweet
  2. gentle, mild
  3. luscious, sooth
  4. dear
  5. (phonetic) soft
Derived terms
dolce m (plural dolci)
  1. sweetness
  2. dessert
  3. cake
Is this what you are talking about?


It's called a Tartufo There are over 5 million recipes on Google.

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