Did anyone eat supper yesterday? Friday, 2024 March 8

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Sep 13, 2010
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Yesterday for supper I served abehjerne and a salad. Abehjerne is Danish for monkey brains. I'm guessing that a kid looked at the dish and said that it looked like monkey brains and the name stuck. The recipe I followed uses "pastaskruer" (pasta screws, I used fusilli), strips of cooked ham, and cooked bacon. That goes in a baking pan and whipping cream is poured in. Then shredded mozzarella is spread over the top. The whole mess is baked for about 20-25 minutes until the cheese is melting and somewhat brown.

We had a salad to go with that. It was very filling. It wasn't bad, but we weren't crazy about it. I might give it another chance with some other kind of meat than ham. It should preferably be meat that will be pink when it's fully cooked.

Abehjerne, Danish for monkey brains.jpg
Abehjerne og salat.jpg
Monkey brains and salad sm.jpg
I made a bunch of mandu and gyoza to freeze so that was supper. The gyoza has cabbage, chive, onion, ground beef (I was too lazy to buy pork), and carrot. The mandu had beef, tofu, carrot, chive, and japchae noodles (sweet potato noodles cut up finely). I also had some immitation crab so I mixed that with equal parts cream cheese, some garlic/onion/chive, and stuffed it into the remaining gyoza skins. I also used half whole wheat/half flour in one of my doughs and found there was little to no textural/taste difference after steaming and comparing with 100 percent all purpose flour wrappers steamed in my bamboo steamer.
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