Canning Four Bean Salad

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Assistant Cook
Nov 20, 2022
Abingdon, Va
I have canned this twice and it turned out great. I would like to double the amt. Of bell pepper. If I do, do I decrease that amt of beans?
Thanks,. Jim


Master Chef
Mar 25, 2008
Usually changing a recipe is not recommended. I would look at your recipe for green beans and peppers, the vinegar:water ratio. Then look at a pickled pepper recipe, the vinegar:water ratio. Make sure the vinegar water ratio is the same.

If the peppers alone require more vinegar to water, then you might need to use the vinegar:water ratio in the pickled pepper recipe instead of the bean and pepper recipe ratio.

If the beans and peppers ratio is higher than the peppers ratio, then go ahead and add more peppers (using less beans, or using the same amount of beans).
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