Cooking now, but need help!!!

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Lady A

Assistant Cook
Oct 16, 2010
Hello there,

I have made a curry for this evening, and as it had tinned tomatos and water in it, it needs to be reduced so the sauce thickens up.

However, its been on for 1hr so far - it is getting there, but i am concerned the chicken has gone really dry - its only on very low.

So my question is - do I keep it going for a few more hours on a very low heat and will the chicken improve - or do something else??

I hope someone can help advise me. :wacko:
you can always add a heaping tablespoon of tomato paste to thicken a dish with tinned tomatoes in it quickly.

it will, of course, change the flavour a bit to more tomato-ey, but it will save the chicken from over cooking.

If your stock or liquid base needs to reduce for quite a while I would remove the goodies such as the veg/proteins and then add them back into the dish when the sauce has been reduced.
Lady A, guess this is too late for your dinner, but if there's a 'next time'...
Remove the chicken from the pot and set it aside, turn up the heat and cook till desired thickness is achieved and then put the chicken back in.
Works every time!
Thanks for the advice guys!
Coz the chicken was already dried out, I actually just kept it cooking for about 3/4 hours in total and the chicken turned out really nice! Chuffed with it!
Now in bed with a full belly!
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