Cuban Sandwich

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May 10, 2002
Edmonton, Alberta
OK, I have seen a few references to this lately and I am curious enough to try my hand at one. Is there a recipe already on here somewhere? I searched but didn't get one...just means I suck at searching though. Can anyone give me one? Pretty please? I have my sandwich maker at the ready...
Have had it a million times, there are variations:

Classic cuban sandwhich

Loaf french or italian bread (no seeds)
sliced ham
sliced roast pork
swiss cheese
sliced round pickles

VARIATIONS: Add genoa salami or turkey breast or add mustard.

Cut loaf for a 6 inch sandwhich. Butter outside of bread; Layer one half like this: mayo, pickles ham, pork, cheese, mayo. Cover with other slice, wrap in foil and put on hot grill or press (its not always pressed either) till hot.
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