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I didn't. He mentioned "the average home cook", but in my opinion the average person who would join a community like DC is someone who makes enough effort to gather knowledge of cooking that they are bound to rise above that average. Many may start at or below that average, but with the help of more knowledgeable cooks/chefs/knife enthusiasts/etc. their knowledge grows and so do their skills.


I completely agree.

If you are here--you are not the Average Home Cook.

OK boys, settle down and play nice. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion about things. Andy is sharing his. Let it go.

Look folks, we appreciate your knowledge here and will likely pester you to death with questions, but we are for the most part NOT knife aficionados nor are we particularly keen to become such. We appreciate your knowledge and welcome you here with open arms, but please lets all remember that this forum is primarily about cooking, not about sharpening blades etc. Therefore the membership will be slightly different here than elsewhere.

When someone shares their opinion you are certainly welcome to say you did not mean for your words to be seen as such, but usually an "I'm sorry!" at the beginning of that statement works better to smooth the waters.

OK, enough of my lecturing. Lets all get back to this thread. And lordy it was started a while ago wasn't it 2004? Maybe we need a newer thread?
A couple of observations.

Mike Stewart is the manufacturer of Bark River knives. (among thhe best semi-custom knives in the world.) He's also one of the most knowledge people I've ever known abour knives, knife making, and cutlery steel.

If Mike says a knife is quality, then you can bet it is. If he says it's junk, you can believe that, too.

Until this thread, I'd never heard of Cutco.

The best kitchen knives are Japanese laminates. But they're expensive! :wacko::wacko:

This forum is, or at least should be, a good place to learn about kitchen knives. The better your knife, and the more you know about maintaining it and getting the most out of it, the better off your cooking will be.

I came here to learn. But I'll have a hard time learning anything if I get offended when someone shoots down one of my cherished myths.

IOW, I won't take offense if someone far more knowlwdgeable than I am tells me something.

When Mike Stewart or Chico Buller talk, I listen! :chef:
Ok boys, no one is disputing your knowledge. Really. If we have questions you can be sure we will solicit your opinion.

This is a COOKING FORUM. And we talk about all things cooking here. We love that you have found us, but we don't care to be told what to think. Why don't you allow your knowledge to speak for itself rather than telling us all what wunderkind you are?

Community policies - refresh your memories please. Respect for others is the first and most important rule. We also like to keep threads timely and on topic. The OP in this case is long gone and this thread needs to go to the archives. I'm going to lock it up now.

If you hurt someone do you tell them, "well I didn't mean to so its your problem" or do you say, "oops! sorry, here let me help you up"? Here at DC we hope that you will choose the latter course.

I have to admit, I'm having a really hard time with being polite. So I am going to just suggest that perhaps a specific knife forum is a better venue for you. We are clearly neophytes who only want to use a knife to cut our food not to cut atoms.

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