Do you have these recipe cards

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Nov 17, 2004
Buffalo, NewYork
does anyone have recipe cards that were around a few years ago?
They were called The Great American Recipes and I had one that was like a calzone but it was a taco one and I lent it to a friend and I never see her anymore.
I just thought of it and I have a craving for that recipe. . if anyone has these cards or knows of a web site that has these recipes please let me know.
Thanks a bunch

Yes, I have these recipe cards. I just went to look and am not sure I found the recipe you want. It was in the southwest category and called chili tacos, but it wasn't like a calzone. Do you remember the name of the recipe and the category it was in?
no, sry it has been so long that i do not remember what it is called. I had it in the mexican part of my cookbook. I thought it was a calzone but like i said it has been so long since i last made it. are there any "calzonie" style recipes in there?
if it was Mexican, could it have been like a burrito, etc?
Sorry, I don't find anything like what you want. There's no Mexican category in the cards, only southwest. I looked all through that section and there's nothing like your looking for.
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