Frozen "rolled" pizza dough

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Apr 12, 2005
Is there any reason why pizza dough cant be rolled, and then frozen for later use?

Thanks to all who reply
We freeze ours quite often...though our freezer is small so we don't roll it out.
Just make sure it's padded off nicely and you take the necesary precautions to not form ice crystals in it... that might mess up your protein stuctures and give you some kind of flat dough instead of pizza.
Not sure what "padded off" means? After the dough has been rolled into shape, could I roll it up in wax paper and then store it in the fridge/freezer? This way it could be pulled from fridge/freezer and used quickley.
It might even be a wise idea to roll it out, place it on the pizza pan your going to bake it on (provided you use one), cover it and freeze it. Then it can go straight into the oven.

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