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How about a quick, weekly check in so we don't miss you quite as much?

BTW, I'm glad you are still alive and finally getting on with your house prep.
We'll wait for you!
We are back and semi-unpacked. We went to the wedding of our middle niece. It was sincerely a foodie's experience starting with a welcome party the day before which was held at a brewery and had catered BBQ for the masses. (No one was from Asheville, so everyone was there.) There was a ton of food with all kinds of BBQ and sides. Apple crisp and bourbon-pecan pie for dessert.
The wedding was beautiful and was held at a vineyard overlooking the mountains. Everyone was shuttled to the vineyard from the hotels they stayed. (Our family had a huge Vrbo, so we could be together during and after.) My niece and her new husband planted a fig tree together during the ceremony rather than do a unity candle or other things we had seen. The reception was at the vineyard, so people milled about and enjoyed drinks and canapes while waiting. They had two signature drinks along with beer, hard ciders and many non-alcoholic options. The canapes were a pea and pesto on crostini with shaved parm, duck confit tarts, and chorizo slices with a quail egg perfectly cooked on top.

The reception was served family-style. First course included caramelized Vietnamese spare ribs with sesames and scallions; burrata grilled sugar snap peas, blood orange, mint, togarashi; and grilled artichokes with potato creme. The main course brought us hanger steak in Calabrian chili; whole flounder in tomato-basil compote and olive oil; and grilled broccolini and Vidalia onion. Rather than the traditional wedding cake, they served a rosemary olive oil cake with macerated blackberry coulis. Then lots of dancing.

The following morning was a goodbye brunch at one of the hotels that served a huge buffet of breakfast favorites including fabulous shrimp and grits.

On a side note, we had some extra time traveling to the location, so we took a side trip to Mount Airy, NC where Andy Griffith was raised. There, we took a tour in a Mayberry squad car, toured sites such as Wally's gas station, the court house, and Otis' jail cell. We also went to "Snappy Lunch" for lunch, which was wonderful, snappy-quick, and really inexpensive. I had their signature porkchop sandwich. Delicious.

After the wedding, I walked with my oldest niece, her two little ones and her husband up to the waterfalls where "Hunger Games" was filmed. We had homemade sandwiches while playing in the water at the bottom of the falls.

It was really good to spend this time with family as well. When we all go to these family trips, each "unit" takes turns cooking for everyone. Our contribution was bagels with lox, capers, cream cheese, red onion, or butter, jams and such for breakfast. And Philly cheesesteaks (offered with choices of wiz, provolone, mushrooms, onions, and peppers) with chips, pickles, and cookies in a fun basket that we found at the restaurant store.

So now we are home for a bit. It was really a lovely trip and we are very happy to expand our family with our niece's spouse.
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Holy Moly what a feast! and what an astoundingly delightful trip! so well planned and a lot of work to make it come together. Congratulations to all!
Holy Moly what a feast! and what an astoundingly delightful trip! so well planned and a lot of work to make it come together. Congratulations to all!
Except for Mount Airy and the hike to the falls, it was all planned by the bride and groom. They took their thoughts to a wedding planner and let her figure out the logistics. It was perfectly timed and planned. And a really lovely trip.
I'm afraid it might be a problem with her DH. His heart issues sounded pretty serious.
I think she's trying to sort a few things out with her mom.
Have either of you actually been in contact with her? The last time anyone was in contact with her, she wasn't feeling/doing well herself and that was why she hadn't been posting. That was about a month ago.
I know I only post sporadically, so you don't always notice when I'm away. But I am leaving for Portugal on Saturday, and won't return until July 2. I will try to post some pictures while I'm away.

I know - when I went to Paris last July I promised pictures. When I went to Spain and Tangier in October I promised pictures. But this time I WILL start a travel thread with all my pictures. I promise.

If you notice I'm gone - I'll be back. After all, I've been here almost 20 years! I'm not leaving.
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