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Jul 14, 2004
I have not played any drinking games since college (I don't like to get drunk anymore), but this one looked fun. Please remember to always be responsible. If you play this game then give up your car keys please.

Good Eats Drinking Game
Take a drink when... Alton talks through an appliance cam (such as refrigerator cam). :LOL: He sure likes to do that alot it seems.
Not to be a sour sport but I've always considered that the best drinking games have 5 conditions at most. People who put more than that simply arent real drinkers and are trying to be funny.

I would keep it up to what MJ said (talking through appliances, stoves, bowls, etc) and a small handfull of other stuff (such as a guest talker, alton get's food stolen from him, alton get's scientific and maybe one more).
The Grinch

Not to get sidetracked... but the best drinking game ever is one that's played while watching "The Grinch that Stole Christmas". The original 30 minute cartoon version with Boris Karloff narrating...

Rules are simple:

1) Drink every time the word "Who" is mentioned.
2) Finish an entire drink every time they say "Who's the Who in Whosville".

Don't hate the player... Hate the game.
One of the simplest, and best games that I know is called Arrogance.

You have a big communal jug/glass/pot.

When it is your turn you pour at least 2 fingers of your drink in (but you can pour as much as you want, 5 beers if you feel really arrogant).

You then flip a coin. Heads you chug whatever is in the jug. Tails you pass it on to the next person and they pour their drink in and toss the coin...etc etc.

Certainly does the job :P.

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