Have You Found a Diet that Works???

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I gravitate between size 10 and size 12 and have enough clothes for both. If the 12 gets tight......I do the model thing. OJ for breakfast. Vitamin pill. Order a sandwhich and eat half. Eat half of everything. Order a piece of cake and take 2 bites. SALADS SALADS SALADS. NO BOOZE. ITS NOT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your stomach shrinks down if you give it a week, until the next great holiday meal.
I second Audeo's comments

It definitely takes a lifestyle change to do it. Eat less, exercise more and things will work. I personally went from 201lbs down to 165 with a body fat %-age of around 11. I'm currently up to 12% (170lbs) and found an interesting website in my quest to hit 10% which I think could help most people.


This is a free online calorie intake/expenditure counter. As Audeo alluded to, it can really be boiled down to calories in vs calories out. when calories out > calories in, you lose weight. This website helps you plan a diet which will work.

Like most foodies, I love to eat. The only time I'm not thinking about my next meal is about 10 minutes after my last meal (even then I'm often thinking about the next one). However, I've managed to find a hobby (bike racing) which allows me to eat 3~4000 cal /day and still either hold or lose weight.

Good luck!
I did a modified Sugar Busters.. Lost 20 lbs.. I have gained about 4 back, but I've been way off the diet.

I eat alot. Just no flour, sugar or white potato.. I did eat a little sugar and a little potato. But cut it with Splenda/Sugar or Yam/potato.
If I ate bread, I ate half of what I wanted and open face sandwiches.
But like I said lately I've been cramming .. only I think I might be allergic to wheat. So I am experimenting with various flours.
I made a banana spice cake with rice, soy, and tapioca flour that is de lish ous... Warm for breakfast.

But I really need to get back on the diet. I want to lose another 30 lbs and I'll be happy.

I ate all kinds of fruit including dried apricots and prunes, No raisins.
I ate meat, cheese, and veggies. Salad, sweet potatoes ( baked, sliced and fried in pnut butter... yum). Of course no chips, popcorn. Tried to stay away from bananas, corn and carrots. But I think carrots are too good for you to stay too far away from.
Oh and lots of nuts. Esp. Almonds.
diet that works

I did the" fit for life" diet from feb 1999- may 1999. I lost about 40 pounds and have kept it off for the past 6 yrs. Buy the Fit for life book by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. It works like no other diet. Strict diet but well worth it. My whole life has changed since losing the weight.

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