Hey...... Eat PIE!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 9, 2004
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What is your favorite pie?!

Pies are underrated in my opinion! VIVA LA PIE!

My favs are blueberry
and a cheesecake/ blueberry mix. Oh GOD Im hungry!! :shock:

Whats yours????!!!!
I am goin to get drunk and make pies this weekend.

Pecan Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Mincemeat Pie
Apple Pie
1. Lemon Meringue
2. Chocolate Cream
3. Key Lime
4. Blackberry (the kind that's still tart)

I love pies way more than any cake, but a good (strong) Tiramisu is still my favorite dessert.
Dove said:
Lemon Meringue
Coconut Cream

And any other kind you put in front of me.
Ah ha Dove, a girl after my heart...I love lemon meringue and coconut cream and dogs :)
kadesma ;)
Great thread, and I love all of those pies.

But when I think of pies I also include the savory ones, such as pot pies, beef pies, shepherd's pie, ham pies, fish pies, and yes, one I first tried after some liquid courage, steak and kidney pie.

One of the best culinary aspects of Thanksgiving is the pot pies we make a few days later. They disappear almost as fast as we can make them.

After visiting the UK, I realized how tasty a savory pie can be.

Now I am a convert.

And am learning that cooking those pies is not very difficult at all.

Am not knocking the wonderful sweet pies. If I had to choose a favorite among those, I could not.

Just really am a fan of savory pies as well.
.................Lemon Meringue

.................With lavishings of fresh whipped cream!! And maybe a scoop or three of ice-cream.
I love pie! I like cake too, but I definitely prefer pie. I love pretty much any kind, but these are my favorites:

Lemon meringue
Chocolate meringue
Dutch apple

:) Barbara

P.S. A tip for keeping your fruit pies from bubbling over--My mom did this and it put an end to pies going over (I haven't tried it yet, as I haven't made a fruit pie in awhile). Use a glass pie dish. Cook for awhile in the microwave oven, then finish in the regular oven. I'm sorry, I really don't know how long, and my mom died 4 years ago so I can't ask her, but I figure you could play around with it and find the right times.
btw, there is a beautiful pecan pie cake featured on the southernliving years best recipes edition. I haven't made it yet. I'll see if I can post the picture- as soon as I saw the cover, I had to buy the magazine. Womens Day did the same thing to me this month with that pumpkin cheesecake. wow.[/img]

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