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Sep 19, 2010
Hi! I'm new to board been looking at some great pics of food on here for awhile. I had a little cookout last weekend. Cooked a couple of butts and this bolgona roll. Has anyone else tried this it is great.


Welcome to the forum! Yep, tried the bologna several times, pretty darn good too! Keep the pic's coming, we love them!
Looks mighty tasty. Fine job. Welcome to the forum. Your first name ain't Ted is it? Thanks.

Hillbilly Steak is good.
Hillbilly Steak can be turned into "Red Neck Steak" by stabbing a piece of 1 inch PVC pipe lengthwise thru the center of the Bologna and making a hollow middle. Push the "core" out of the PVC pipe with the end of a broomstick or other similar sized object. Lay the "core" that was removed from the center of the Bologna on a cutting table and cut two "plugs" for the ends of the Bologna---insert one plug into one end and fill the hollow with thick gooey BBQ Sauce and then plug the other end. Then smoke the "BBQ sauce stuffed" whole Bologna, and turn it into "Red Neck Steak"

Upgrade it into "Red Neck Skirt Steak" by wrapping a bacon weave around the whole bologna
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