How does he DO that?

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Sep 9, 2004
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I'm so impressed with the way Jacques Pepin can pulverize a head of garlic in seconds. Can anyone else do that?

I have the big knife, the garlic, and zero finesse!
Same here! I'm always exhausted by the time I finish!

I definately couldn't have my own cooking show. Each meal would be a mini-series! :oops:
I can chop garlic, but usually still chopping when he leaves for the day :LOL: I learned to mince it better (via Sara Moulton) using salt. I wack the whole clove by putting it between my cutting board and chef's knive and hit the blade then chop. To get in really small dice, add the salt and running the sharp side of the knife over the garlic at a 30 degree angle. I hope I explained that correctly.
Paint said:
I don't even try - I just buy the stuff in a jar LOL!


Me too!

The only time I buy the whole cloves is if I'll be slicing it kinda thick for my buttery garlic bread.........uummmmmm - that sounds good right now!
ulgulguglguglghhh, buuutttery gaaarrrlic bread......

i can chop pretty fast after so many years of chopping bird veggies every day, but the uniformity of the size seems to be the trick. garlic is especially tricky to me. it sticks to the blade so it's a good idea to rinse the knife under cold water before you begin chopping. i have donated too many edges of my fingers to too many meals so i go slow when i can...
I buy the jar version, but in the past I used to take my cleaver , smash it, then use the back end to chop fast, I was pretty good actually.
JP and his peers probably "do" more heads of garlic in six months than any of us eat in a lifetime...and has had more "practice time", (let alone "training") than any ten of us!

Let those "professionals" be the "professionals" they are (being content in the knowledge that we can change out a "flat" faster than they could think, shoot "clay pigeons", shovel a sidewalk, reprogram a PC-pick your "specialty!) in a tenth the time they can...
I use the flat of my great big chef's knife and vent frustrations then the ole "rock 'n chop" routine. Works very well for me and all of my fingers are intact - though if I have lots of garlic to do I cheat with my pampered chef widget and it does beautifully!
i can chop it up pretty fast. I smash it with the flat end of my cleaver and cut using that. Its all practice. Well i've been cutting up garlic for a long time.
I'm fast, especially when showing off, but have lost some skin over the years. I shave the root end off, smash between the cutting board and flat knife side, remove the skins, then chop furiously with a rocking of the knife from tip to bolster. I move the knife around by holding the tip with one hand, and moving the handle with the other. The tip of the knife remains planted on the cutting board. After a few chops, I move the tip and repeat. Usually, I chop multiple cloves at the same time. I'm really mincing the garlic. I do the same when mincing other veggies and such.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North
i use one of those spring loaded choppers that you get at wal-mart for about 3 bucks. pampered chef makes a nice one for about $10-$12.
GoodWeed and I share the same technique. I don't rush......I enjoy cooking and the relaxation that comes with it so I take my time.
I use my knife too, not too fast at it but <shrug> nobody's watchin me cook anyway. BTW if you think JP is fast check out Yan of Yan can cook fame, he's got em all beat hands down AND he has ALL his fingers too. ;)
PolishedTopaz said:
I use my knife too, not too fast at it but <shrug> nobody's watchin me cook anyway. BTW if you think JP is fast check out Yan of Yan can cook fame, he's got em all beat hands down AND he has ALL his fingers too. ;)

Yan may be fast, but Jacques has a certain panache that keeps him on the top of my list of favorite chefs. I love to watch him cook.


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