I Love Mac and I Love Cheese, but HATE Mac&Cheese

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Jul 14, 2004
OK like the title says, I love macaroni and I love cheese (one of my favorite foods), but I can't stand mac and cheese. Do you have any foods that you love separately, but as a recognized combo (not something weird like cabbage and hot fudge) you can't stand?

What got me thinking this was another post about cheese fries. Bang said he can't stand them and I was wondering (but didn't ask) if he likes cheese and fries separately (well do ya bang?).
cranberry sauce and milk, shudder. my mouth can't handle it. or a mint toothpaste and oj...
Ardge said:
Not really what you asked, but....

My Mother and I put fresh cracked pepper on our servings of cottage cheese. People look at us like we're nuts.


I can't stand cottage cheese, but if I did I would think that would taste good.
Peanut butter and bananas is the only thing I can come up with ...

In the inverse, I hate chocolate (I know, I know ... :oops: :shock: ) except when it's paired with coconut. Then I can eat it.
Jenny I was about to say you were in the doghouse for not liking chocolate, but you redeemed yourself since you eat it with coconut.

Actually, that just means there is more chocolate for me :)
Ardge..........thats the way I've always eaten it.....doesn't taste the same otherwise.

I love almost all fruits and vegetables but I don't like the mixture of these 2 in recipes. For example spinach and strawberries.........thats just to weird for me but hubby really loves it.
been sitting here trying to think... I know it's difficult for some. I can't think of anything I don't like together.
LOL mudbug!!!!!

I did think of this - I love peanut butter and I love chocolate - but don't put them together!!!!!!!!! Same thing with nuts and chocolate - separate ok, together not ok.
That's awful wasabi!!!! LOL - My DH puts mayo on pinto beans YUCK (I've tried it so I can say YUCK) - I can understand sour cream - would be like refried beans almost - but not Mayo!!!!!
some of the local sammich shops around my job put mayo on everything. when you begin to order a sammich, they split the roll or hero, slap on some mayo, and then take your order. yuk!!!!!!!!!!
Love nuts and chocolate, but not together. Love peanut butter and love most jellies, but don;t you dare put them on the toast together.

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