Is non-scratch sponge actually a gimmick?

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I use a well-worn blue side on my Riedel and Schlott-Zwiesel stems to light wipe off lipstick and fingerprints, Using the sponge side is risky because the holes the cellulose can and sometimes do act like suction ups, causing breakage at joint of stem and bowl or at mid-stem.
I only used microfibre cloths on stemware. But never felt the need to rub down the stems themselves. Just the bowls, in either case have never had a problem.

Large basin of hot sudsy water, wash one at a time, gentle action with the cloth. Rinse, dry, done.
Yes, the harsher ones will scratch surfaces, as will steel wool. The harsher ones may not make obvious scratches with one use, but over time with repeated use, you will see the scratch marks.

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