ISO Recipe for Silver polishing

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May 10, 2002
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Help! I used to have the recipe for polishing silver with tin foil, baking soda and something else and can't find it.

The recipe I have is for boiling water in an aluminum pan (or any pan lined with foil) and baking soda.
Okey dokey, off I go! Thanks Andy! I think I recall that I'm not supposed to do this in a stainless sink right? I'll do it in my rubbermaid tub. I'll post a pic when I'm done. Its my latest "treasure"
Here it is. The lighting sucks, but it came completely clean.


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Well Frank, as you know I'm cleaning out Mom's house in preparation for selling it. This was buried in a closet with piles of linens and things. The linens had been my Grandmother's so I suspect it was hers. I know I never saw it growing up so it wasn't Mom's. I'm sending a picture to my Uncle to see if he knows anything about it. I'll post back if I get a story. Mostly, I'm just tickled to have such a lovely dish to use. I found some lovely tea cups too so I'm going to polish my silver tea service and have someone over for tea and dainties.
Using Grandma's things is a nice way to remember her.

If you hear more (like how she used it to defeat the Germans in WWII) let us know.
Isn't it great having the touchstone to the past? I have several things that were my grandmothers' and great-grandmother's (on my Dad's side). But the best is still having my grandmother on my mother's side. She is 95 and quite fiesty! :)
I miss my grandmothers so very much. I love using things from mine as a way to remember them.

Your dish is simply beautiful, Alix. What sorts of dainties will you serve on them? Do you have a grandmother recipe for your grandma's dish??

I plan to use this dish a lot. I'll serve cookies and squares on it I think. I think it will be especially cool to have it out at Christmas with all the pretty cookies on it!

Kathleen, I have a couple of my Gramma's cookbooks, they are really cool. They just have the recipes, no instructions. I guess back then they figured you knew what to do with the ingredients so no instruction was necessary! My books are circa 1920 and 1930.
I cannot wait to see a picture of it graced with dainties or cookies.

My grandmother made notes on envelopes and paper scrapes. My mother placed many of them in a book. I love to read them. "Butter the size of the red hen's egg." I'd call and say, "So...Mom, how big were the red hen's eggs?" And she replies, "Do you mean MY red hen or my brother's?" :LOL:


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