Jarred pasta sauce

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@giggler, Ragu For One might be a good option for you. Each box contains four single serve pouches of sauce. I’ve tried it and it is tasty.

Ragu for One Old World Style Traditional Sauce, 4.4 oz, 4 Count
Eric, I hear and am there too. One of the great pleasures of cooking is to satisfy others appetites. Cooking only for myself, yes, I have days where I'm gung-ho... but more and more frequently I look at pre-made. And for someone who suddenly discovered "from scratch" in so many categories - I'm already rolling over in my grave at some of the things I do. :oops:

Yes, tried the "sugar" thing... all it did was make it taste too sweet and still acidic. Only heard of the baking soda thing after I stopped making tomato sauces.
I'm kind of scared that garlic scored equal to or likely less than salt in that list.
I though the same thing about having less garlic and basil than salt! But that does seem like less ingredients than in most of those jarred sauces, many of which don't belong in pasta sauce.

I either use my own tomatoes (frozen or canned), or some canned tomatoes I get in those can-can sales, @59¢-69¢ per 28 oz. Those jarred sauces are outrageously high priced around here, even if they were something that tasted good!
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