John Folse's Creole Dirty Rice

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Sous Chef
Nov 28, 2003
Re: John Folse,s Creole Dirty Rice

Well can see the boy is gonna need some help on this deal. He dont even have the Trinity in propa proportions..don't get me started on the other Foo Paws. He must be one of them yankees from up around Baton Rouge of which Saint Justeen so often warned about. Now the boy do have a purty good andouille sausage recipe but it needs tweaking too of course.

I really wish I could get my hands on more of those old Justin Wilson recipes for posterity. I got him to sign my cookbook when I was like 10 (still got it). Any clues on which of his old ones are best?
Tell ya I was a devoted Sat afternoon PBS watcher of his show for many moons. And I tried to cook about everything he cooked on his show during the week. Will tell ya the boy has two recipes which is fit to eat which is his hushpuppies and garlic bread (which he screwed that up by not cooking it right). I was the proud owner of the gourmet/garmand cook book and it was real underwhelming cuz it was about the same stuff as on his TV show. Now if you want to actually use the recipes in the books I would save the money for beer or whutever. On the other hand if you a collector of cookbooks might be a valuable find for ya to snag some. I loaned mine out to somebody and aint seen it in 25 years or so.

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