July 4th Ribs And Stuff

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Uncle Bob

Chef Extraordinaire
Nov 5, 2006
Small Town Mississippi
St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs ~~ Chicken Wings ~~ ABTs

It was a fun day..Lots of good food...Hope your 4th was just as Great ~~ Thanks for looking!!!

Bob, you've got me kicking myself in the butt for not making ABTs today. Very nice. And everything looks fantastic!
Speaking of ABTs...When I was buying the peppers, all I could find were Jumbo size....I just measured some I had left over...they average 3-1/2 inches long...Much to big IMO...Hard to cover everything with the bacon...Anybody else seen the huge Jalapenos??
I've seen the huge ones. Since I make my ABTs using whole peppers I just cut more of the cap off, then use those for something else. Jalapeños are about as uniform as bacon lately, which isn't very much.

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