K/A food processor update

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Sep 17, 2004
I've had me K/A FP 670 for 3 or 4 months now and I must say I love it. I had 2 smaller ones before I got the big one and now they are lost somewhere. Because it has 3 nesting bowls, which is sometimes a drag, but you can chop in one bowl, take it out, slice in another and remove it and then do a 3rd whatever in the biggest bowl and story done. Everything is ready for the pot.
It does take up counter space, but I do use it most days so it is worth it.
Not sure if you can get the 670 thou any more...
I have used my 670 for a couple of years now. While christmas shopping, I noted that all of the stores had 760s (12 cup), not 670s. KA site shows 670 still available, but I think 670s have been replaced with 760s. I liked it tho and may get one for me....

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