Last thing that made you smile?

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Last thing to make me smile is my grandson Josh helping me put up Christmas decorations. He will be staying with us during the week (going home after school on Friday and coming back on Sunday evenings) while he is a freshman in high school. We love having him here.
Good 'family living' pic, Jon. Thanks for sharing. :)

Happy birthday to your friends, LP! Fun that they celebrate the same day.

JoAnn...such a lovely post...sounds like you and your grandson Josh are so close. I'm looking forward to next week when my (local) grandson Tyler will help me decorate. He's only 6...but he gets so excited helping Gramma put out all her decorations. :wub: Aren't grands so much fun??!
Thanks, Cheryl! I celebrated with one last Friday on an annual Ladies' Sushi night. Four of us with birthdays in October and November go out mid November every year for Sushi and fun. I think we have only missed 2 in about 10 years!

I will be seeing the other one this weekend. She suffers from MS and so we both understand each other's limitations health wise. We will just go over there and watch a movie. I will be taking a gluten/dairy free chocolate cake that we all can eat!

JoAnn, that is so great that your grandson is staying with you during the weeks. I loved all the time I was able to spend with my grandparents.
One of my buddies from grade school and HS, we acted in many plays together and we've been friends and used to be neighbors for eons, has a kiteboarding business in the summer time. He's now a department store Santa in the winter! His beard is real. Apparently, so is his belly!
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Our son, the artist.

Our son has been taking photos for ages. In fact, my avatar is one of his shots, cropped. This year he decided to participate in a Facebook group called "366 Photo Project", posting one new image a day to that album. He's been getting compliments left and right, had been invited to show some of his images in a gallery exhibit this past weekend - and he sold some! In fact, one was bought by someone with connections in the far East, and one of his photos is on its way to Shanghai, China right now!

This same gallery is currently using his photo of their exterior as their Facebook cover photo right now - and compensating him for it. And he was one of 12 Akron artists to be selected to have their image used in a "wrap" to cover power boxes for traffic signal controls throughout the city - that one is waiting for funding, however. And the lab that he has his images processed at has asked him if they can enlarge his just-sold "Trees" image to a large size (about 18x24), mat and frame it, and display it on their wall behind the counter. If it sells, he gets more $$$.

I don't care if he's ever famous, but I wouldn't object to him getting a little rich. :LOL:
CG, is there a site we can go to in order to see some of his photographs?

Nothing like having a child to make parents proud. I know the feeling. Bask in his glory as long as you can. I hope he becomes another Ansel Adams.
Congrats, CG. Your son is making a name for himself. (that I mean himself, not Himself).

I'd enjoy looking at his art if that's possible.
The very last thing I thought my Dad needed at 85 and with everything else that is going on was a puppy. Then I thought--after all the heartache he's been going through, maybe a puppy would help keep him wanting to carry on. When I came back to MN in October, we got a 5 mo. old Standard Poodle (I say we because the only reason the responsible breeder considered selling her to my Dad is because I promised I would care for her and that she would always have a home--I did rescue for 12 years, I know what happens when the owner dies and the family doesn't want the dog). I picked her out of the three puppies because she has a soft temperament and makes him so happy--and, every morning, she greets me with kisses and wants to kanoodle. She makes me smile every day and seeing how much joy she brings to my Dad's life makes me smile. Even though now was probably the worst time one could imagine to get a puppy, I'm glad I set aside that thought and went with it.
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Puppy! As long as your dad is upright and mobile, they should be fine. More hugs for you for taking all this on, CWS.
Puppy! As long as your dad is upright and mobile, they should be fine. More hugs for you for taking all this on, CWS.
She is so much fun, smart and cute! This is the only dog my Dad has ever said was cute. He is over the moon in love with her. I am too. She is just adorable. And, she respects my Mom's wheelchair. And, fun to train. At the beginning, he didn't want me to train her...when he saw how fast I got her to do a sit and a down, he then started asking me to do more training with her. Because my Mom's favorite word is "NO" I got Dad to use the Norwegian word for no instead. Ika-Ika (spelling). I train with hand signals, but there are times when words work.

And, my ex thinks I am arrogant and selfish. He must be right, I must be, given that I have given up my life to be there for my parents.
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And that is one reason he is your "ex", CW. ;) If you're arrogant, it's because you know what you know and won't be wishy-washy about it. Selfish? Pfft. More like your parents angel right now. That is hardly something a selfish person would do. And you seem to be doing it with much more grace than I ever could have had I been in your boots.

The puppy sounds like a real sweety. Glad it makes your Dad happy. Have fun being a puppy mommy.
That's really cool, CG...

Way to go, son of CG...

Great CG...

Neato, CG!...

That's really cool CG.

CG, is there a site we can go to in order to see some of his photographs?...

Wow, congrats to your son, CG...
Thank you ALL for the warm congrats for Goober!

Congrats, CG. Your son is making a name for himself. (that I mean himself, not Himself).

I'd enjoy looking at his art if that's possible.
Cute, Andy. ;) Thanks to you, too.

He's just now started to "market" his photos, and wasn't even the one who gave thought to doing it until others suggested. As far as somewhere to look at his photographs? Maybe Instagram? There are both his "art" shots and random snapshots he takes as he wanders around. I sent a note to him earlier this evening to find out if he has someplace specific to route you all to. If not, I can think of a project he and his Dad can work on while we're back in Ohio...
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