Memory Foam for your Mattress

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Yes, i have! I have a Kingsize one. Oh myyyyyyyyy! I will never go back to the old type. But, this one is guaranteed for life. If you ever see one in a mall lay on it . I mean not sit, but lay! You'll buy. I have a back problem. And, its the only thing that helps it. The only thing about it is.... Turning over after you've laid in one positionfor awhile. Its harder to do in this type of bed. But, once you do AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:LOL: :-p :sleep:
I hope i've been of some help Sushi?
I bought a Japan-made memory pillow recently. The sales clerk was all praises about it. Even claiming that it was the same type used by NASA space ships (I think it had something to do with its 'give' and density.) It was pricey but since I was searching for the ultimate pillow to prevent neck cramps, I bought one.

The first time I used it I got neck cramps the next morning. Needless to say, I gave my pillow away immediately.

Perhaps this memory-thing is only good for mattresses...
ds my manager has one. just like heat, she said she'd never go back to a regular matress. she said it was a bit expensive but more than worth it.
I have one of the pillows. It is not the Temperpedic brand name, but it is the same memory foam. I bought it at a back pain store. I have very bad back and neck pain and I was at my wits end when someone suggested this store. They had 7 or 8 different styles and the salesman had me try each one. He said only one would work for me. He was right. I tried them all and only one fit my body. He also told me that unless I could "sleep right" then he would not sell me a pillow because they are expensive and it would not do me any good if I slept wrong (meaning dont sleep on your stomach like I used to do). He also told me that the first week or so I would hate the pillow. It would give me headaches and make things worse. He said to use it, but when I woke up in the middle of the night that I should switch back to a normal pillow until I got used to it. Well it only took me one or two nights to get used to it and now I am hooked. It has helped me so much!
We sent for the Temperpedic literature and sample foam piece awhile back. We would love to get one. Right now the price is out of our reach, but maybe someday.

:) Barbara
Oh, I almost forgot. Heat, my husband and I are very hot-natured. The one thing I have worried about with this mattress is heat build-up. Does it feel hot like lying on foam rubber does? Also, you mentioned turning over--how long does it take to readjust after turning over? Thanks!

:) Barbara
i really don't need my mattress or pillow to remember the size of my butt. god put it back there, out of sight for a reason...
Barbara L said:
We sent for the Temperpedic literature and sample foam piece awhile back. We would love to get one. Right now the price is out of our reach, but maybe someday.

:) Barbara

This is definitely on my wish list, due to my bad back and neck. I really want one.
I have the travel pillow and LOVE it! I want the mattrest, but don't have the D'oh.
Oh Barbra L. , Im hot natured too! Has nothing to do with my name "Heat" either hahahha. It is nothing like foam rubber. And it does'nt take long for it to form back to your body. But, heres a little tip to those in the market for one. A nice heavy mattress cover helps tremendously for the turning over and body forming. Bucky Tom you would be surprised at the way that butt gets in the way at night. Hahahahahha. It is pricey but i think of it this way! You spend 1/3 of your life in bed so why not ENJOY it!!:LOL:
Thanks Heat! We definitely would like to get one. Our bed is horrible, so hopefully we will be able to get one soon.

:) Barbara
I did a little double take when I read that you and your husband are "hot natured". Guess where my mind was. Well, the subject is about beds, so not too far out , I guess. Took me a second to realize what you were saying. Duh.
Anyway, I am going to try one of those mattresses out even though we probably can't afford one right now. We are trying to put any extra money on car payments so we can pay the thing off early. Hope you can get one soon.
I tried the pad too

Its definitely not the same. It will improve and old mattress but its only 2 inches thick lol. You have to watch what type you get too, there has been a lot of copycats trying to sell theirs as being just like the Tempurpedic. They don't come close. But, thanks SUSHI thats a good idea to improve and old mattress:)

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