Microwavable dishes??

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Jun 23, 2020
I have had a microwavable veggie steamer but have been informed that all plastic containers will leech plastic chemicals when heated even when labeled as microwavable. What other materials can be used in a microwave? In particular looking for a sectioned plate with cover to prevent spatter.
You can use ceramic or glass. You can also use a plastic cover like this on a plate or bowl to prevent splatter inside the microwave.
plastic microwave splatter guard.jpg
Here's an article you might find interesting Overview of BPA

Other than my cover, similar to what GG posted, I don't micro anything in plastic mainly because they often get stained and grease when hot will stain/ruin the container.

I use glass casserole dishes that have lids. I have a variety of sizes that are easy and useable.- You can see what's going on - just incase you miscalculate the timing, ;).
They can store your food in them in the fridge - be sure to get ones with flat lids! Go from fridge to micro. I also always put them on paper towels in the micro, my DIL has a large silicone mat she puts hers on. I can't stand the clinking when putting them down and they serve to help with spills as well... win, win.
I microwave frozen things in plastic, just long enough to turn the stuff out into a glass or ceramic dish. Plastic lids in some, but the food is not in contact with it.
There is usually the microwave symbol on the dish itself, if it can be used in the microwave, like this one:


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Cool. I may steam my vegetables on stove with double boiler, and use a section plate for lean cuisines. Lol.

I find a microwave good for steaming veggies. I especially like it for broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus. I wrap them in wet paper towels, and microwave for a minute or two (or until it is the doneness you want).

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