My first time with cinnamon rolls

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Oct 24, 2004
alright guys i'm so excited as i baked my first ever batch of cinnamon rolls last night,from scratch,all by myself.:LOL:,well i've been putting it off for such a long time,the long process of kneading and letting rise etc kind of intimidated me,but finally i mustered up courage,and well i succeeded,they were pretty good,soft,sticky,fluffy,just as i want them to be.i love cinnamon rolls but always made do with store bought stuff,so i thought it was about time i made my own.I can say i'm a step ahead in my baking skills...hehe...

The recipe i tried is called 90 minute cinnamon rolls,but i do plan to make some changes next time,i will cut down on the brown sugar thats supposed to go on the rolled out dough,mixed with the cinnamon,i plan to use half the amount from what was told in the recipe,and that too,mixed with white sugar.I also want to reduce the amount of butter,and i did put in raisins,but i plan to add walnuts too,the next time i make sure they will turn out even better.

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