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Feb 18, 2012
Hey guys,

New to the forum but not new to BBQ and grilling and drinking beer ... the great American past time ... been doing it for more years than I care to own up to.

Bought a 7 in 1 smoker a few days ago and today is the maiden voyage. I'm smoking a 9 pound pork shoulder (dry rub) and it's been on since 0800. The apple orchard donated the smoke bisquits. Not the Chamber of Commerce weather conditions they advertise in the fair weather states, been snowing on and off all day here in upstate NY and I ended up putting a couple of wind blocks around the smoker to "help" it stay at a constant temp. Things are progressing nicely and we will have some juicy eats later tonight.

This looks like a good forum to share experience and learn new stuff but I was curious why there is no dedicated "SMOKER" topic?
bbquzz said:
Welcome Flashhole, the saying around here is no pictures no cook, being new I think you can get a pass, but we do like pictures. pass now that the rules been posted ! Why do we even have rules if we are going to let all the new guys break them ?


Welcome aboard ! looking forward to seeing some pics of the cook. Where in WNY are you ? There's a few of us from that part of town. We hope to outnumber the folks from Ohio some day but they seem to breed like rabbits out there...
Its real easy to remember. Anything North of Okies or East of the Cajuns and the Arkie Hillbillys is yankee land. Also West of El Paso. This do not count Tennesee. They get a pass because they helped us whup old Santa Annas coola real good. PS: N. Carolina aint yankees either. They helped too. In fact most of them were us.
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