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Andy M.

Certified Pretend Chef
Sep 1, 2004
Today was our tri-weekly (once in three weeks) grocery shopping. This included a stop at Costco so we picked up a RotChick for dinner tonight.

I usually cover the chicken with foil and heat it slowly. We have some leftover sides, pilaf and veggies to complete the meal. Lemon cake for dessert.

What's on the menu at your home tonight?
We had taco salads for lunch. Not too hungry.

Light supper with sliced grilled l/o chicken, lettuce tomato and mayo on toasted buns. Handful of grapes. Ice tea.
I made bruschetta as an appetizer. It was the first time I made bruschetta and I will definitely be making that again. It turned out wonderful. I hope it wasn't just beginner's luck.

Then for the actual meal, we pretty much finished off the leftovers from the Indian resto. I served it with our own brown basmati rice and some of the leftover roti.
I'm back to shopping weekly. Mostly. Anyway, I had more than enough leftover ribs from a few nights ago. Added some nuked baby peas and tater tots as sides. Ice cream for dessert.
We had air fryer cod and asparagus.
Made chocolate pie for dessert.
Ross 20200716_145438.jpg
Stove top grilled boneless sirloin steak and pasta salad last night.

For last night's dinner, I made my version of Rachael Ray's Chicken Satay Pasta Salad. I also garnished it with some of my Szechuan pickled green beans. DH insisted on yet another ear of grilled corn [emoji16] A nice, cool dinner after a hot day.
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