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Apr 3, 2015
I have a problem with olive oil. Market is full of olive oil and only 10% is real "extra virgin"! Do you know how to recognize a real olive oil?
Only by reading the labels. I know the labels in the US are very strict on their sourcing and ingredient lists. Not sure what the standards are in your country.

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Same here PF , if it hasn't got extra virgin olive oil in the bottle then it should state what else is in it . What does it say on the bottles you are buying SF ?

There is olive oil and extra virgin olive oil , many different ones and I buy it according to what I want to use it for .
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The label could write "extra virgin" (even in US) and can be also expensive but this is not how we recognize the real olive oil. But only when you have it at home you can test it.
There are some techniques for testing! Do you know how?
Real EVOO is not easy to find unless you go to a store that basically specialises in it.
And bring money! Lots of it.
There's much mythology about how to tell if the OO has been adulterated even way back where the olives were grown.
On a recent radio show about OO some actual experts mentioned one OO producer who had three hundred trees. When the OO from those trees left his property in a large tanker trunk the grower had pumped what it would have taken a thousand trees to grow. All perfectly legal in Italy.
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