Pouring fudge dilemma?

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It probably would be if you heated it just a tiny bit.

And I've never had fudge last long enough to go bad - who are you kidding!!!!
I suspect you might have been perfectly happy with it Dragn!! LOL (Or at least been polite and eaten it all for me!!) ;-)

I guess it seems a bit mad that I made such a sweet thing when I don't have a sweet tooth (at all), but I do love to try new things. (And usually I can offload them onto family and friends!)

I blame this forum for giving me ideas quite frankly! :mad::LOL:
Excellent. I have a bit of time to work out what to do with it!(y)
I've kept the peanut butter fudge I occasionally make for up to a month since Craig used to not eat sweets before accident and subsequent stroke, and it was only me eating it. Now, it wouldn't last a week, probably only a few days.
It's true Katy, I used to make a few things inspired by this site (and a few bloggers) but I always had some guinea pigs to share it with. Here, not so much, so I just don't anymore :cry: .

Edit: because when I do - I end up eating it all myself and that's when I had to call the police to tell them someone stole my ankles - one day they just disappeared - no trace of them!

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