Temperature thermometers for fudge?

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Nov 6, 2023
While I’m cooking my fudge and trying to take it up slowly to 118 C for hard old fashion fudge, I noticed that my digital thermometers have completely different readings then my candy thermometer🤷🏻‍♂️.

Please view image below.

My latest batch I used a candy thermometer up to 118C and fudge came out with a crumbly composition. Where as if I use the digital thermometers the fudge comes out too soft???

I have googled digital thermometers and it seems like the typical digital thermometers I have that has a pointy tip should be used for measuring the inside temperature of meat.

So does this mean digital thermometers aren’t good for measuring fudge and I should use the candy thermometer only. Or should I not use candy thermometers and use digital ones only.

However using only digital ones the fudge comes out to soft ,,,>>> can this be because the digital thermometer is touching the bottom of the pot and falsifying to a higher heat level ???

So what are we supposed to do?? ~ hold the digital thermometer with our hand where the tip is submerged but not touching the bottom of the pot for a half an hour ?? 🫤

Can someone explain to me the science of simply measuring fudge and with what equipment in order to observe the precise temperature of fudge ?



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The benefit of a candy thermometer is that you can clip it to the side of the pot and easily watch the temperature progress during cooking. An instant read digital is not the best tool for the job because it requires constant attention.
I have a digital thermometer with a probe. The kind you use to monitor a roast. It also has a clip that I can attach to a pot and use for monitoring the temperature of liquids, for example in candy or jam making. You might want to consider one of those.
I use a glass old fashioned candy thermometer, it has a clip for the side of the pan and it can be adjusted so the bottom of it doesn't touch the bottom of the pan.
If your various thermometers don't give the same readings, you could calibrate them. Sounds like some are not accurate.
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