Some advice for a new kitchen worker?

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Aug 31, 2017
Nea Tenedos
Today I started working at a 5-star Hotel and I'm responsible for making the preparations and serving the customers for a small pool restaurant that serves crepes, waffles, hotdogs, toasts, cold sandwiches, ice cream, and popcorn.

I had no experience at all, just home cooking and the Chef just threw me there and left me alone.

I completely fke up the crepe and waffles mixtures. Crepe was too watery and the waffle was super thick (with some water I fixed it). Though I followed the recipe correctly.
For the crepe, it was just powder with water. The recipe description was
"1100g of water for every 1000g of crepe powder." The whole powder was
10kg so I used 11kg of water and it was too watery. The previous worker
in my position told me to use 8kg of water and then add some water if

For the waffles, I had to do the whole recipe myself. I just followed the chef's recipe and the result was extremely thick, bread-like thick.

Waffle recipe (He told me to double, triple, or even x5 everything in case I need to make a larger quantity):
10 eggs.
2kg all-purpose flour.
1/2 lt cow's milk.
1/2 lt vegetable oil.
1/2 lt melted butter.
3 vanilla small chunks.
2 tablespoons salt.
4 tablespoons baking powder.

I was burning everything at the start, thankfully after a while (5-8 wasted crepes), the crepe griddles started cooking them correctly. (We also use oil spray)

The second thing was handling the crowd. So many customers, asking so much stuff... And we only have 100 clients now, next week there will be 700.
I have two others helping me, but they are worst than me :ROFLMAO:

Any advice? Thank you.
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practice will make perfect but from the sounds of it, you have a bit of practicing to do! :LOL::LOL:

See if you can start earlier and get the grill going, make thos crepes and waffles ahead of time and get the burnt ones over and done with - before the customers even start coming in.

As for the rest of it you will have to ask around in the kitchen for some advice, I can't help you as I've never worked a restaurant. But lots of members here might be able to give you a couple of hints how to control things.

Good luck!

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