Stale Phyllo Dough, right out of the box

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Master Chef
Dec 25, 2006
Long Island, New York
So, I made spinach pie today. half I made for dinner, the other half I made pre-cooked, to freeze for a later date.

When we sat down to eat our meal, the phyllo dough had a stale taste to it. I bought it yesterday morning in the frozen section, put it directly in my freezer. Took it our earlier in the day today to defrost. It had a best used date of March 2024. How did this dough get stale? It wasn't freezer burnt, but stale.

Needless to say, dinner was subpar at best. We quickly took the uncooked stuff we put into the freezer out, and scooped out the spinach mixture. I will get more phyllo tomorrow to hopefully salvage it.

This is the first time I've had this experience . The packed was completely sealed.


Site Team
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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
Larry, how so very disappointing! and frustrating!

Maybe you should NOT go back to buy the phyllo from the same store? Try a different store?
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