Student needs some tips for fridges :)

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Dec 8, 2010
hey everyone, so I'm a student, but I love cooking, and I have a little problem I'm moving into the smallest apartment ever, so I wanted to know if anyboy had tips for small fridges?
what should I get?
i mean there are different brands, I want something efficient, and not too big..
I'm not looking for something like this... (i want to store my food, and decorate it..)

I'm looking something like this, but I need to get the best in this size, so maybe someone here can help me out :) thanks everyone
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Well you might not want something like that but I do!!! It looks awesome!

I used one personally and found it was ridiculously noisey. And, I thought I would use it, but I never did!
That one is better looking than any I have seen. It is so cute! I'm thinking we may need one like that in the garage or basement.
That is REALLY tiny. I would recommend something more like this if it's you only fridge, it has a small freezer up top and lots of room for fridge items.
There can be something bad about being too small! Saphellae is right about the refrigerator photo she has posted. It's large enough to be useful, yet small enough to fit into a small space. And it probably occupies not much more square footage (maybe double, but that's not a lot) than the one you have pictured, yet is taller, making it more useful.
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We bought a mini fridge for our basement bar area. When we were looking, we noticed that the ones with a separate freezer door had less room in the freezer and the fridge. We decided on a model that had the one large door, and the freezer is accessed from inside the fridge.

We didn't need much room in the freezer, we were just looking for more fridge interior room.

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