The Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

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I almost bought one of these for my brother years ago, but didn't. Yes they work. I have even seen the same thing done with two trash bags. The play & freeze would be more fun than that though.
I used this same concept once using gallon and quart size zip-lock bags. This would hold up better and kids would have a good time. I have seen them advertised but just wouldn't spend the money.
Having to fill it with ice and rock salt is a turn off to me.

If you can spare the freezer space, I highly recommend a Donvier ice cream maker. The cylinder does take a lot of space's bigger than you would expect. If you do have the freezer space, it can really turn out wonderful frozen treats.
We used to have a Donvier James. It worked very well. We used it for a few months then never touched it again.

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