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Our neighbor two doors over, has limited mobility and is home-alone, as his Wife is away for a week, babysitting their Grandson. Before she left, she said to me, "Ya know, Randy is gonna get pretty hungry, wink wink." ? I regularly share dishes with them ... I gotcha Randy!
I was plating up our dinner last night and made a plate for Randy too.
You folks all know I always take a snap shot of each meal that I put together; as I'm looking at this one, I'm thinking to myself ... this kinda, sorta, looks like Carmen Miranda!


carmen miranda.jpg
Emma Royd. I can see it happening. You would be stunned to know what people name some kids. :LOL:

Sunny Breezy
Adonis VanCampen
Harley Davidson
Kelly K Kelley

My list goes on and on.

I knew a man named James James James. He went by Jimmy.

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