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Sep 13, 2010
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I made

I also made some coleslaw. I served it on some brown basmati rice that I pulled out of the freezer and threw some corn kernels in with the rice. I used hot dogs and bacon lardons as the meat. I used black strap molasses instead of brown sugar. The molasses has far greater depth of flavour.

I enjoyed that enough that I ate too much. I have another serving of the pork and beans and maybe two more servings of the coleslaw.

Stove top beans, brown basmati rice with corn, and coleslaw.jpg
I had rice and beans tonight, too. More of a TexMex flavor. Ranch Style beans, and rice, with some of my homemade chili powder and some granulated garlic. Some low moisture mozzarella (the only cheese I had at the moment) and a few shots of Crystal hot sauce at the end.

I hope it doesn't get too "windy" in here later tonight.

I made another one of those one dish meals in the Instant Pot, and another one of those Italian style dishes, to use up a bunch of that basil from the hydroponics, and use up a bunch of things from the fridge - a couple bell peppers, a generous cup of celery, chopped up, that cooked rice/millet mix, leftover from that Szechwan eggplant meal, and some kielbasa, I wanted to use.

I started it by cooking a generous cup of dried red kidney beans with 1.75 oz dried eggplant (about 1¼ lbs fresh), with 3 c water and a little salt - pressure cooked those 20 min, letting it release naturally. I cut up a large onion, 2 bell peppers, and a generous cup of celery, and minced 5 cloves garlic, with about 3 tb fresh marjoram and 2 tb rosemary, some of the basil, and cut 10 oz turkey kielbasa into pieces. I fluffed up that cooked rice - had a little under 3 c. (looks like a lot more in the end!). And opened two 28 oz cans tomatoes - one diced, and one crushed. Everything ready by the time the pressure dropped.

Drained the beans and eggplant, rinsed the pot, then added the onion and about 3 tb olive oil, and cooked on Sauté about 5 min, added the bell peppers, celery, and kielbasa, and cooked another 5 min, then added the garlic and herbs, and about 2 tb tomato paste, and cooked about 3 minutes longer. Then I stirred in the tomatoes, beans and eggplant, a tsp of hot pepper flakes and the first bit of basil, plus about 1/2 c white vermouth. I then pressure cooked it 5 more min, letting it release naturally. Then I stirred in the cooked rice/millet mix, salted to taste, let it simmer another 10 minutes, to thicken it, stirred in a generous chopped cup of basil, and it was ready. I served it with some grated Asiago cheese. About 3½ qts leftover!
Finished Italian type dish, again, this with some rosemary, marjoram, and garlic minced together, with a lot of basil. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Finished Italian style dish, before topping with a little grated Asiago cheese. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

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