"Hump day" supper, 2024 January 24

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I made Mongolian beef and served it with that mung bean side dish and brown basmati rice. I'm getting good at that recipe, it doesn't need much more tweaking. The mung bean dish was better without the fish sauce, but with some salt. It was even better when we added some tamari at the table. More scallions in the Mongolian beef next time, not that it would hurt the mung bean dish to have more scallions.

Mongolian beef, brown basmati rice, and a mung bean side dish.jpg
Mongolian beef, brown basmati rice, and mung beans.jpg
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That looks really good, Taxy! I'm using a kit for Creamy Miso-Hummus Udon with Crispy Pork. Recipe Card Link Here. I've got it prepped. I'll start cooking in an hour or so. I'm looking forward to it, hope it is good as it certainly is easy.
We found this to be a rather blah meal. It was edible. It looked good. Maybe if one is needing a bland meal, this would be a good choice.
Have you been doing a marathon "eat out of the freezer"?
I did have a few put-by meals in the freezer, but my timings was pure luck. :LOL:Our across the street neighbor was the beneficiary of all of our extras. We had a lot of extras because the movers packed our cooler before I remembered that it wasn't in the car. It was buried by the time I thought about it. 🤦‍♀️
I remember packing my freezers when I moved. Had about 4 coolers of various sizes and the rest just hit the bin. Most of it was so old I would have been too embarrassed to pass it on. :-p

That lot was 2 days in those coolers. Only 90-95% was just starting to get a tiny bit soft around the edges. That's how crammed those coolers were.

Reminisces of weekend camping! :LOL:

I'm sure you've probably found out your are just fine GG!

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