Wednesday's supper, 2021 June 30

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I'm surprised that no one has started the supper thread yet.

At my house, tonight's supper was breaded haddock, which comes from a Nova Scotia company, Afishionado Fishmongers. We also had knock off tater tots. Those items were baked in the toaster oven. I made a salad, based on a Danish recipe, of rhubarb and asparagus sautéed in EVOO, with some tatsoy (Chinese spinach) and lemon juice added at the end. It was tossed with some Romaine lettuce. That salad was improved by the addition of a small amount of my homemade vinaigrette. I will be tweaking that recipe. We also had some of the DragonLady sesame noodles, but that's not in the picture. There was also an experimental remoulade made with a relish from Peppermaster Shop ( We will definitely be using that relish again in remoulade. I chopped it to smalinler pieces, but next time I will experiment by leaving the pieces the size they are in the jar.


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Free Pie Day at the diner. :yum:

I had pot roast and green salad, Jeannie had a grilled bacon, tomato and cheese sandwich. Also a green salad.

Free pie was strawberry/rhubarb for me, triple berry for Jeannie.

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so we ordered Chinese takeout. Orange chicken with pork fried rice and egg roll for me, boneless ribs with pork fried rice and egg roll for DH.
The plan was hot dogs on the grill. Nature rained all over that idea. I pulled a tray of homemade lasagna from the freezer and we had it with loaded garden salads.

Cherry crisp for dessert. I finally found a topping recipe that we like!
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