What did you eat Friday, April 19, 2024?

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Apr 5, 2009
Breaded eggplant, and homemade macaroni salad.

Meat buns-(no meat), filled with spinach, onions, garlic, and mushrooms seasoned with soy sauce. So good! And planned overs, pepper stir-steam with a little veggie rice.
My middle son came over today and we made kimchi, for him to ferment at his apartment, and he's going to can it in pints, so we went through canning directions. I'm so proud of him. He's very frugal and likes to do things that are good for him.
This is the kind of snacky dinner that I think we are going to start having. We went to the Mediterranean grocery store yesterday and I got canned green beans and tomatoes braised in olive oil, gigante beans in tomato sauce, fresh spanakopita, canned eggplant dip and labneh in the small bowl, and canned stuffed grape leaves. Also added a few grapes to the plate.

There's a lot left, so we can do something similar tonight, but maybe have something like a Shirazi salad (which a new member posted) instead of the spanakopita. I've noticed that Turkish meals usually include sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with labneh and lemon juice, so as they come into season, I'll add that.

DH had a smaller amount of everything and was able to eat almost all of it.

Middle Eastern food is my favorite.

I came inside around 5 pm, and had some of that leftover Italian dish I made a few nights ago, this time with some Asiago cheese grated on it after reheating it.

After I came inside for good (when it got dark!), I had a snack on something I started much earlier - some boiled peanuts, in the Instant Pot, on slow cook about 8 hours. I seasoned it with some dark soy sauce, a little sugar, a small amount of Chenkiang vinegar, and some 5 spice powder, plus a little hot pepper powder, and enough water to cover it well, since it would soak up some, plus would cook a long time. It's a toss up which my favorite type is - this, or the one I make with the chipotle seasonings.
I still have that can of peanuts my sister brought me from FL/OK. I mentioned it in a thread about 4/5 years ago?
Still have it, Still staring at it, Still don't know what to do with it.
It is probably way past it's prime and I'm even afraid to open it to find out.
But now every time I look at it I will think "bald penis". that is just tooooo funny!

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