What's For Dinner 03/16/10

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Beef Carbonnade, boiled parsley potatoes, peas and sauted mushrooms, green salad,french bread,apple tart.
my DH thinks we're going out tonight...we're not ....I've bought some rather small salmon steaks but will just bake those and serve with some Thai sweet chili sauce on the side and round out everything with a stirfry of veggies (I use just a nonstick wok pan and lots of spray oil).......here in the UK (my DH is recovering from surgery) they really make it extremely easy to do stirfries (sp?)...I guess it's due to the large Asian population here, by bagging finely chopped veggies (especially made for stir frying(broccoli, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, sliced mushrooms, etc).......all I do is add either/or/and a veggie in season......now it's asparagus and baby green beans, mushrooms......and of course fresh sliced onion and chopped garlic.....they also have all the sauces: hoisin, soy sauce, and oyster sauce........he loves brussel sprouts .......I gag on the smell alone and can't stand them........but have found those steaming bags for the microwave to be a lifesaver and there is no smell at all and 6-8 of them are done in 1.5 minutes......and there is no smell in the kitchen whatsoever and no clean-up......they don't have dollar stores here but they do have "Poundland or the 99pence store" and that's where I get them on the cheap.....sorry about the rambling.........so tonight it's salmon with sweet chili sauce, stir-fried veggies, and rice.......and getoutofmykitchen will send me her delicious banana cake which is one of my favorites........
pasta , using my garlic butter for sauce, with parm. on top. also a bit of cooked bacon.
homemade bread. don't really care about dessert. there are however a few cheesecake brownies left.
Every time I open the 'fridge I have chicken breasts looking back at me. I was going to get portobello mushroom caps and prosciutto ham to top them with but I hid all weekend with the rain. Think I'll try bacon and white mushrooms instead, along with a different mozzarella cheese we recently picked up. Make a big salad, roast up little potatoes. Eat.:chef:
Well tonight I hope to make a baked penne with sun-ripened tomato sausage (there's this AWESOME sausage at Publix where it was made with sun-ripened tomatoes and it made the BIGGEST difference in my penne).

So basically I will cook up the penne, saute some tomatoes with onions with of course garlic & basil. Add in the cooked cut sausages and then layer it in my dish baking it for about 30 min.

I say hopefully b/c we are working late so if it gets too late we might be too hungry to wait for all that.
I am making stacked turkey sandwiches, steamed cauliflower, and ice cream and strawberries for dessert.
I'm doing chicken caesar salad wraps. We have to dash off to volleyball practice and then dance class so I will need a "grab and go" dinner tonight. I haven't made it yet, but the recipe for peanut butter pound cake is on my counter. I think I'll make that while folks are out at class and we'll have a late dessert.

Boudin Bacon Bomb
Laced bacon added breakfast sausage topped with three kinds of cheese added boudin sausage then rolled it up. Put on the grill until done.


YouTube - Boudin Bacon Bomb
I made a roasted beet soup. I diced up the beets but couldn't purée the soup because I wasn't going to put beets in the plastic bowl of my food processor.
I took in everyone's suggestion about what foods to eat for finals.
I decided to make pasta with fish and nut sauce.
No picture today : (

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