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Good morning everyone. It feels like 10F outside at the moment. We’re expecting lots of snow Friday and Saturday up to 12”+.

Still snowing @10:50, and I have about 8", so far, just guessing. Not supposed to stop until around 2 pm. No sense cleaning up as the wind is in the 30s around here, and blowing the snow around. Maybe it will blow off the vehicles!

We're due for about two feet of snow more or less. Currently about three inches and snowing heavily.
I don't want to tell you...but it is 51F, wind at 11 mph with gusts to 16. I hope you all are safe and staying off the roads as much as possible.

Where's MY freaking WINTER???
We had about 7 very poofy inches of snow. but the wind is fierce. My boy did the driveway, but it'll drift almost closed again by morning.
Current temperature is 7° and rather breezy at 11 MPH. Neighbor across the street shoveled enough of their drive for his wife to get out and half of what was on his side now covers hers. If he doesn't pull out our snow blower to do both of our driveways, Himself will work on it tomorrow - looks to be about a foot of snow. In order to get him up earlier, though, I'll have to wave a strip of cooked bacon under his nose. [emoji23] Whatever it takes...
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The temperature at the moment is a lovely, sunny 74F with a warm southerly breeze [emoji295] Our sugar maple tree is beginning to bud out. That green stuff is mistletoe.
17 Feb 22 in San Diego, sunny and warm with a temperature of 72degrees, 18% humility, and 0% chance of participation.
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It was up to 67° outside, when I was out at 2 pm, and when I came in around 2:45, it was 74° in the house, from the sun all day, and I had turned off the heat last night! It's 68° now - record temp in Philly for this day. I'll find out later if it got that over there. Supposed to get some heavy rain tonight, and heavy winds through tomorrow. Which is why I didn't clean up any more out there today - more will come down!
Here in SE England, we´re under Red Alert from storm Eunice. Since about 10am, we´ve had serious gusts of wind (up to about 70 mph) and we´ve already lost two fence panels; 4 next door, a huge branch broke off a tree and crashed across two gardens; the rubbish bins are all over the street, bottles and junk covering the road.
I was expecting to travel to London today, but no way. I´m only going to travel to the fridge and back to dig out a cold beer:LOL::LOL:
Definitely got some rain last night, though I haven't seen totals yet. I looked out back around midnight, and my light had been triggered (either the rain, or that squirrel I caught!), and it looked like snow coming down, the drops were so large! Around 5-6 am the cold front came through, triggering some thunder, but it was quick. Still in the high 40s, but going down all day, and windy, but not as windy as originally forecast, and not much blew down overnight. The lower temps today and tomorrow are about average for February, then back up again!
There was snow overnight, about 20 cm, ~8". It's currently -10°C (14°F) and feels like -20°C (-4°F). Yesterday and Wednesday it got above freezing.

It's messy out there. From the Weather Network:

A weather cocktail of snow and freezing rain overnight has prompted widespread school closures across Montreal and southern Quebec Friday morning.

Environment Canada has issued snowfall and winter storm warnings for much of southern Quebec, including the Montreal and Laval region, the Quebec City region, the Laurentians, and the Mauricie.
Yesterday, I had a few feet of snow that had compacted down into a solid foot of ice covering my entire lawn.

One day later, it's all gone. Melted and sublimated in record time. The fog last night was patchy and almost ethereal.

The wind over my mountain sounded like a freight train this morning. Branches and trees down everywhere.
It was in the middle-upper 50s on Thursday. Yesterday and today we're at the freezing mark and just finished up with a snow squall. Fun stuff if you aren't driving in it! :LOL: But I can see clearly now. After another day hanging around 32 tomorrow, we will be back into the 50s next week. Roller coaster weather.
This is the current symbol for the weather we are having here on the Island of Montreal.


It indicates freezing rain. That's when super cooled water falls out of the sky and freezes on contact with anything that isn't warm, like roads and sidewalks. Not a fan.
Another rainy night, with the freight train sounding winds over the mountain.

Spring clean up in the yard is gonna be fun this year.
Back to cold tonight - down in the teens - and well below average tomorrow, maybe getting to 40°. Another cold night, but well above average for Saturday, then possibly record highs Sunday and Monday, getting well into the 70s!

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