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Sep 2, 2004
Sierra Valley, Northern California, USA
I hope that you all have had a great week!! :) As you may have noticed I have not been around much over the last few days. I was in Susanville, CA on the Lassen National Forest learning how to cruise (measure) timber using our new FSCruiser program. It is pretty slick. :cool: A timber cruiser will measure the height and diameter of the tree to be removed. Then they will estimate the amount of defect. The the data is entered in a field data recorder (FDR). Then the FDR is brought back to the office and FSCruiser will use the field data to calculate the size and volume of the timber sale. The new program works much better than the old program. But enough of that.

While I was in Susanville I had dinner with a friend. :) It is the best dinner I have had out in awhile. Here is what we had: First we had an appetizer of crab cakes with chipotle aioli. I had chicken breast in a Marsala sauce with mushrooms over spinach fettucini. He had filet mignon over a mashed potato cake with asparagus. We had mixed green salad with bleu cheese dressing. With dinner each of us had two glasses of merlot. Oh, my it was so good. I had lots of fun and I think so did he.

Next week I am going to the log mill to scale logs before they are sent to the mill to be made into boards. So, I will be not around much next week either. I hope that all of you and your families are well and take care.

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