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Diana77 10-27-2020 08:13 PM

Pumpkin muffins. First attempt.
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So this is my first attempt at baking muffins. They came out pretty good but I think I used too much baking soda. Apparently I was only supposed to use 1 tsp of baking soda but I used 2 tablespoons. It definitely cut down the sweetness. The muffins are moist enough and still taste good. But soon I'll make more using the correct amount of baking soda and see how they differ.

Katie H 10-27-2020 08:57 PM

Experience is always the best teacher.

As Julia Child said, read the recipe all the way through before you prepare it.

Perhaps that's what happend with you.

If you can eat the muffins, it wasn't a total loss.

Keep on, keepin' on.

You'll be fine.

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