Apple pie filling equivalent for strawberries

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Oct 2, 2011
Hello everyone. I am brand new to this kind of thing, I grew tomatoes last year and made a ton of spaghetti sauce. It worked out so great that I made apple pie filling from our two apple trees this year as well. Also fabulous and plentiful!

Well, I also have a little strawberry patch, so here is my question: I am thinking next year, I can do the same thing with my strawberries as I do with my apples. Does this make sense? Basically my apple pie filling consists of sliced apples in a syrup consisting of:

- water
- sugar
- cinammon
- cloves
- nutmeg

I am thinking I'll do the same thing with my strawberries, but what spices make sense to use?

- cinammon <- replace with ?
- cloves <- replace with ?
- nutmeg <- replace with ?

Will this make a tasty strawberry pie?

Thanks for any advice!



Senior Cook
Oct 26, 2010
Maybe make a flan and use the strawberries as a topping rather than a pie filling. I've never had a hot strawberry, though strawberries are good whichever way they seem to be used. Maybe keep it citrusy with some lemon zest?

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