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Andy R

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Feb 14, 2002
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Discuss Cooking Needs YOU!

I want to start rotating some ads on other forum sites to let them know about DC. We need some banners for our site to show on other sites. I know we must have some members that are really good at graphics design... so, submit your art today and help us spread the word about DC.

What we need a few of the following:
  • 728x90 banners
  • 468x60 banners
  • 120x60 buttons
  • 160x240 buttons
Please try and keep the file size as small as possible.

Thanks in advance to all that post entries. Your help with this is very much appreciated!
What does the winner get?


Can we add banners to this site, sell them for ad space?

Don't know how many members may want to buy some.
Andy, I WAS a graphic designer. I have Corel Draw 9. I have never made a banner before BUT Im good at designing brochures and the like. Im wondering, is there a special file format? (ie gif tiff bmp) If its something other than standard graphic file extensions then I shall assume that I would require software other than Corel Draw. Also, do you want a banner that flashes or changes? OR do you want a static banner?
a static gif would be great (728x90 pixels in size). Then I can run that banner on other sites to help raise awareness for our site.

I will offer some of our ad space for sale when the time is right...
ARRRRGHHHHHHH! I just wrote a big paragraph and press send and it said page cant be displayed and I lost everything. :ermm:

Well..... in short what "personality" would you like the banner to have? Also, do you want a picture in it? Would you rather it be more eyecatching(bold colors) than soft and warm (soft colors and girly font)?
Im thinking Bold font with a semi-soft feel and no picture. :)
Hi, Sushi:

I'm eager to see what you come up with, too! My question would be: Do you want to emphasize the social/friendship aspect of the site, or the technical/cooking advice/information aspect of the site? That would also affect what elements you choose for the banner.
Just an idea here .... but it would make sense to get our ducks in a row. If, we're going to have a new logo, do that first. Then, get the new tagline defined. After that, then we can worry about designing a new banner that would include both.
I don't know what's happened to this banner and/or logo contest... did it move to another thread? Was it dropped?

Anyway... here's a simple little revision to the existing logo that people might like. It's not a big change so it's not too jarring, but it gets rid of the piggy that people have been complaining about.


If I have time I'll try to come up with something more elaborate... but I might not have time until June.
That's great, thanks for bringing this thread/idea back to life. It will be great to get some banners and buttons to help us spread the word!
RE: banner contest

I need constructive criticism!
Tell what you think, or what I should remove or add.



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I would take off the cutesy smiley face and some of the food.

I would add a photo of a Hobart N-50, a big knife, and a Robot Coupe....but that is just me.
The "cutesy" face that is on the first one, came from the original thread for the banner. I changed it to look more like the original dc chef that is on the website.

choclatechef said:
I would take off the cutesy smiley face and some of the food.

I would add a photo of a Hobart N-50, a big knife, and a Robot Coupe....but that is just me.


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It's great!
But, I'd like to see something with more color.
I like the pink guy much much better than the yellow.
Thanks for your hard work on this!! I wouldn't even
know where or how to start.

smiles, pds
What colors? Reds, Yellows???
It does look a little dull, huh?
It doesn't look that dull in my program.
The blue is actually a royal blue and the colors of
the foods, are brighter than they look here.
Yep.. better blues or reds and purples would be neat.
I wonder why it's so different on your program than it is here?
Not sure. Anytime I export from my sign program to be able to convert to a jpeg, corel changes the colors to match it's palette. Unfortunately, my program doesn't export jpeg files. The colors are actually as bright as the colors on my eeyore avatar.
I think it's very nice and tasteful. I like the little pink guy better than the yellow.
nice idea but too wordy, come home to DISCUSS would be enough. But I think we should wait until we see what logo wins the contest, and get the input of the winner.

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