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college_cook said:
I don't know exactly what DC is looking for... my design style isn't really like what we have now, and I think it would be out of place.. but then again... we don't advertise ourselves on our own website right? maybe this meets someone else's design specs...

If you have an idea of the type of banner you want i could try to Photoshop something up for you. I'm looking for some Photoshop experience anyways, so I could use a summer project.

EDIT^^ I didn't know if we had an 'official' tagline yet... so I just picked the one from the poll that I though would fit the scene well.

I like this a lot. It's elegant.
It is very elegant. I suggest it pick up some of the format colors already here unless Andy is going to gear the format colors to the new logo...It's also quite delicate in the lettering and harder to read for some people, so that might be enlarged a bit.
do an advanced post, and below the text field is a section titled Additional Options. In that subsection there is an option to attach files. Click it, choose your picture file, and upload.

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